Portable Media

Anyone who has been in business long has received a pen, a coffee or tea mug, or perhaps a mouse pad.  Each of these is a form of Portable Media.

While there are many salespersons who would love you to purchase thousands of portable media objects, the facts are, each market has a different requirement, and every culture utilizes different objects in different ways.  For example, one culture may typically have their own personal tea cup from home, while another will not, and might benefit from a printed mug.  In other cases, a company might readily use a USB memory stick, while in another part of the region, computer use is much less, so they would not use such a device.

Targeting your media to the appropriate audience is the most important thing to consider when discussing Portable Media.  The key things to remember in all cases is who your target audience is, what they will use, and how they will use it.

The next time you consider Portable Media, contact us and make sure you are making the correct decision for both you and your valued clients.  With Ahura LLC as your trusted partner, you are sure to be a success!