Domain Registration

In modern times, no business is complete without a web site.  In order to have a website, a Domain Name must be registered.  Many companies charge excessive fees for this service, yet fail to deliver more than simply a domain name, or in some cases, allow a registered domain name to expire, causing loss of business, and in some cases, loss of the domain name.

Ahura LLC uses the secure domain registration services of our sister company, Infinityco, where you can register your domain name at cost, without the additional headaches or charges other providers charge.  Standard Domain Names are typically as little as $10.00 USD per year.

Additionally, we offer managed domain services, where we register your domain name and proactively manage it for your company.  This service is billed at an additional $10.00 USD per year, for each domain managed in this manner.  We guarantee your domain name, manage the security, and update you each year for billing, assuring that your name remains yours.

For those who wish to sell their own domain names, we also offer a web portal through Infinityco Reseller where you can begin selling and managing your own domain names for as little as $99.00 USD per year.  For an additional $50.00 per year, we offer a course in Domain Management and Sales, allowing you to capitalize on your business and turn it into a success, supported by the power and management processes of Ahura LLC.

All of these services are backed by our corporate guarantee, and you will receive a certificate of Domain Ownership with each domain name purchase. Contact us for additional details, and register your presence on the World Wide Web today!