Web Site Design

If there is one area above all others that most companies fail to capitalize on, it is the sphere of Web Site Design.  Far too many companies are interested in engaging in big business, sometimes worth millions of dollars, yet they show their prospective clients that they are unwilling to spend as little as a $500.00 USD on designing and maintaining an effective Corporate Web Site.

Ask yourself, if given the choice between two competing companies, where one had a Hotmail or Yahoo Mail account, and at best a free web site, and the other had a professionally designed website with their own email addresses – which company would you trust with your business?

Business Managers consider the length of time a company has been in business, and the effort a company puts into their Advertising & Marketing.  A company with no Advertising & Marketing, and no Web Site, is a company that presents itself as one moving from one contract or job to the next.  Such a company does not reassure prospective clients that they are a stable and growing business entity.

Consider the benefits a professional Web Site offers:

  • 24 hours per day, 7 days per week Advertisement for your Company – anywhere in the world!
  • Fixed location for prospective clients to review your product offerings, and contact you with questions, or to arrange sales and consultation calls.
  • The ability to arrange email marketing lists, conduct surveys for customer satisfaction, and showcase past project success.
  • Assurance to your clients that your business is stable, growing, and appreciates the importance of attention to detail, from projects to your own Web Site.

If these are the services your company would like, consider all Ahura LLC has to offer, with simple packages from as little as $500.00 USD per site, up to corporate level packages with online stores and inventory management from $2,500.00 USD to $5,000.00 USD. Contact us if you are interested in expanding your business and assuring your customers of your continued success in the market!