Web Site Hosting

You’ve finally completed your Web Site Design, when suddenly a customer contacts you to ask why your web site is not functioning.  A quick check shows that indeed your web site is currently unavailable.  You frantically contact your web site hosting company, only to find that their lines are busy, and perhaps your web site will be down for days – reflecting poorly on your business, and more importantly your business decisions, as nothing looks worse than a domain name with no web site.

Save yourself the headache, loss of time, money, and most importantly business reputation, by selecting a Web Site Hosting company that will not let you or your customers down!  With lower than industry average costs for our plans, and dedicated server offerings, Ahura LLC is your path to success.

We offer the following four packages, custom tailored to suit your business needs, with no additional fees, charges, or headaches:

  •  Entrepreneur Plan: $50.00 USD per year. 2GB of data transfers monthly. Recommended for Entrepreneurs or Small Businesses of two to three persons.
  • Small Business Plan: $75.00 USD per year. 6GB of data transfers monthly.  Recommended for Small Businesses of five to fifteen persons, who have a fair volume of email and web traffic from site visitors.
  • Corporate Plan: $150.00 USD per year. 12GB of data transfers monthly.  Recommended for Medium to Large Business and Corporations with a 25 to 50 employees, and a large amount of email and web traffic from site visitors.
  • Enterprise Plan: $300.00 USD per year. 36GB of data transfers monthly.  Recommended for Enterprise Level Businesses, such as Airlines, Bus and Taxi Terminals, Construction Companies, and Online Stores or Markets with very large email and web traffic requirements.

All of our plans are backed by the Rackspace guarantee, and we provide these services at reduced costs due to our long standing business partnership with Rackspace of more than ten years!  This is a guarantee that our sites are up and running, always available, 99.9% of the time.  For your peace of mind, sites and data managed by our plans are backed up constantly, so you never have to worry about loss of data or information under any circumstances.

We offer the highest standards in the industry. Contact us for additional details, and learn how we can service the needs of your business today!